About Us

We are one family walking the walk of His ways together. We believe in the one TRUE Elohim, יהוה, The only Elohim (Exodus 6). Together we read the scriptures and learn His ways, His Kingdom. As we learn, we share and encourage our brethren to walk as close to Yah as they can, face to face. We reach out to those who do not know יהוה and share with them the good news of being able to come into covenant with Him. Once sinners, a far off and now you may come near (Ephesians 2, Acts 10).

We made this site to share His True name. We love His Name and know that His Word states in Jeremiah 16, that we will wake up one day and realize that we have inherited our father's lies and there is no value in them. From there He will cause us to know His name, יהוה. We do not add or take away from His word, therefore we use only scripture for designs and makings of items. If it is in the scriptures we do it, if it is not...we do not. 

Due to us wanting to keeping our children out of the internet radar, we will not be sharing much about them individually. Know that they are here with us every step of the way, working on these items; designs apparel, making the tassels, designing and completing all items that we sell on this site.


More to be Added soon...