Continually Praise, the One Who Deserves It (Psalm 103, Part 1)

Several times in Scripture, it tells its readers to declare Yahuah’s wonders and mighty deeds. To remember the things He has done, and is doing.

Psalm 103:1-5, is one place where it talks about this,
“Bless Yahuah, O my being, and all that is within me, Bless His set-apart Name! Bless Yahuah, O my being, and do not forget all His dealings, Who forgives all your crookedness's, who heals all your diseases, Who redeems your life from destruction, who crowns you with loving-commitment and compassion, who satisfies your desire with the good, Your youth is renewed like eagle’s.”  TS2009

Lately we as a family have really been noticing how important it is to declare what Yahuah is doing, and tell others to encourage them (and yourself) of His wonders, not just what He did, for Israel in Egypt or in the Wilderness or later, but what He is doing now for you! Believing that He will do things to show you His esteem in the earth, and trusting Him to take care of your big or small things.
I play the guitar, and I just love to sing, and play for Yahuah’s esteem, and these verses, make me want to sing about what He does for me, the rest of my family, and our framily (adopted family). We often get together with framily and talk about the scriptures, have praise & worship, and most of the time we hear praise reports, even small things, and we all rejoice!

Here is another Psalm which talks about this, 
“Give thanks to Yahuah! call upon His Name, make known His deeds among the peoples. Sing praise to Him; speak of all His wonders. Make your boast in His set-apart Name; Let the hearts rejoice of those seeking Yahuah.”  -Psalm 105:1-3  TS2009

Whenever one of my siblings or I, have a problem like something is missing and then we find it, our Mom likes to say, “Praise Yahuah!” Even when we don’t really feel like saying it. I encourage you, “Praise Yahuah!” Tell others about what He is doing, or maybe what you read in your scriptures today, share with somebody. Even if it is small, it may be just what that person needs to hear.
Until next time, Shalom!

“To Yah be the glory, great things He hath done, So loved He the world that He gave us His Son, Who yielded His life our redemption to win, And opened the life-gate that all may go in.
 Praise Yahuah, praise Yahuah, Let the earth hear His voice; Praise Yahuah, praise Yahuah, Let the people rejoice; Oh, come to the Father, through Yahusha the Son, And give Him the glory; great things He hath done.”
To [Yah] be the Glory, Hymn by Fanny Crosby

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